Welcome to your new funk/soul paradise! Jay Diggs’ debut album has arrived and he’s taking you back to the sensual side of the 80s. Get ready for a smooth ride with passionate songwriting, funky grooves, soulful synth pop and R&B slow jams! Jams is here to satisfy your pleasures, and all you have to do is say “yes”.

This three track EP includes the popular (chart topping single),
‘Think About’ –

The duet featuring “Sugar Rainbow and Heather Haywood”.


Funkysize Records is a French label independent from Funk.
All the music is original and played by independent musicians and artists.
Beautiful music for beautiful people
since 2008.


Classic :
Daughter of the mighty George Kerr, Sandy set the scene alight in ’82 with the explosive classic, ‘Thug Rock’. Badass slap basslines, zapping synths, ethereal pads and Sandy’s iconic rap were a timeless recipe of pure ‘80s, boogie-infused power that’s blasted from many a boombox, sung on all manner of club systems and sound tracked endless open road cruises over the years.


French electro-funk artist Kazzey brings summery grooves and upbeat melodies to his music with retro influence and a love for music tech.

Japanese duo Milk Talk dropped "Wagamama Riso" as a digital-only loosie that wasn't included on their recently-released debut album. XL Middleton decided to remix the song and put it on a 7" along with the original version which was long a personal favorite of ours. The OG version is a leftfield modern funk gem in the spirit of their debut single "Ah Be Rue" (which many of you may recognize from Zackey Force Funk's DJ sets). XL's remix adds to the vibe with low slung, icy chords and electro boogie drum machine rhythms.